Forestry, a family tradition

Robinson was founded in 2002 by brothers Ross and Scott Robinson, both having a good knowledge in forestry equipment. The company was at that time established to distribute forest machinery and equipment. They distributed various brands and over the years they managed to add many important agencies to their portfolio. Through the distribution of this variety of brands, it became apparent that there was a need for a timber trailer to meet the needs of hauliers on the Irish market. Therefore, Robinson took a large step in 2004 by producing their first trailer. Substantial investment in both research and equipment was needed, but the brothers were confident since there was family knowledge and history in this field as their father, Alan Robinson, had already produced his first timber trailer in 1980. The Robinson trailers were soon very well accepted by the market, leading to the ongoing development of a wide variety of new trailer models, as they are requested by end users. They also manufacture once-off trailers to meet specific end user’s needs. Robinson has become a market leading trailer and crane manufacturer, supplying an ever growing customer base across Ireland, the UK and main land Europe.



Robinson cranes, which are designed for professional use, combine the latest advances in crane technology, components and manufacturing materials. Robinson cranes have been designed to deal with a demanding industry that requires durability. A Robinson crane is a multi-functional and cost effective piece of equipment that can be used across different sectors.

Flexibility, innovation and customer responsiveness make it possible for Robinson to work directly with the industry to provide solutions for evolving and demanding needs. The Robinson crane range produces excellent performance to weight ratios which assist our customers to run cost effective activities.

The design and manufacture of our cranes is geared towards quality, durability and a long operational life. This contributes to continuous service to its’ owners and a strong resale value. When purchasing a Robinson crane, customers are entering into a long term partnership that will stand the test of time.